About Us

Quality is key, witnessed through: the selection of the finest seasonal ingredients; the loving presentation of each and every dish; the quiet elegance of Sabai's modern Thai-influenced interior; and the warm welcome of dedicated front of house staff

Sabai is located on the Church Street, just off Swan in Richmond, Sabai offers Richmond locals charming Thai cuisine with a contemporary twist. Including Thai-style sliders and our personal favorite lamb. The modern menu is supported by classics such as the deliciously tender, slow cooked lamb shank Massaman curry and amazing wine list.

The menu is guided by the four points of the 'Thai food compass', a combination of hot, sweet, sour and salty flavors. With these elements in mind, Sabai has constructed a menu which we believe perfectly balances these crucial flavors, local tastes and a level of authenticity.

Like to turn up the heat? Just let the Sabai's crew know and they'll notch up the spice levels.

Sabai's menu is partnered with wine list featuring over 20 quality wines from Australia and New Zealand, carefully selected to complement the flavors and style of their dishes.